Dear city line – how you often obstruct my view

Your bright lights drown out the stars in the sky

But somehow when you’re gone I miss you.

The peeling paint corroded by the salt water,

the way your glass reflects the sun to community pools

or absorbed by concrete walls making the nights hotter.

Neutral creams and browns, side by side with cold steel

juxtaposed against bright blue canvas

that God threw wind swept clouds close enough to feel,

you tower up from the ocean like a modern Atlantis.

However, I grow sick and tired of your antics:

the drunkards, the taxes, traffic flowing slow as molasses;

escaping up the mountains and hills, because I wanna quit

needing you.  Still I find myself looking down to the horizon,

watching the sun set just beyond the city limits

just before Honolulu City lights start rising.

  • About the picture – the horizon, city landscape, and the wall framing the shot from the top of Kalihi Valley have very strong lines. However, the setting sun and the pervasive power of its Curve seems to melt down the straight lines with its light and warmth.


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  2. Abhigyan Saha · June 18, 2016

    Nice photograph and nice words.I liked the post.

  3. Yousuf Bawany · June 21, 2016

    Thoughtful and eloquent, as always. 🙂

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