Photo credit: Krista Mangulsone

Listen, 4 AM.  the waking silence of the world before the sun rises. my ear can

listen to the quiet whisper of your breath and I can confess I love you, if you can

listen to my voice – share it with that sleepy smile before I leave for work.  we

listen to the same song later that morning because I call you.  you pick up and

listen to me tell you about these lyrics I’ve heard while you hum a melody – I

listen, it’s familiar and you say it’s been stuck in your head all day.  we laugh.

listen, I say … that’s the same song I’m telling you about.  yes, you didn’t

listen to the words like you normally do, but you like the way it sounds. let’s

listen to that song now.  you play it and we smile. it’s catchy.  our anthem to

listen to through the day and it reminds us of each other.  tell me about your day

listen to each other complain and tell that funny story about that guy, he didn’t

listen when your coworker told him to push instead of pull.  it has us both laughing

listening to the sound of pleasure in our voices – and later as night falls our pillows

listen to the sound of pleasure in our voices as we keep each other awake until my alarm …

Listen, 4 AM.


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