Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

-Khalil Gibran


Photo Credit:  Daryn Bartlett

Friends always say you don’t have to – but the truth is … of course you do.  It’s a “responsibility,” but it never really seems that way does it.  Consider the way you treat everyone else compared to your friends.  Your job asks you to come over and move some furniture for work.  You’re not doing anything at the moment – do you give up your free time to help out?  Hmmmm … probably don’t have to think too hard, no-no-no-no like a Meghan Trainor song, but yeah maybe it could be an “opportunity” for overtime.  When a friend asks though – well, even if I might be in full relaxation mode the first thing in my mind (even if I might be grumbling a little bit) is that yeah, I should get over there to help out.  And truthfully, despite the work that needs to be done – with great friends – it can become something fun. I remember moving and asking one of my buddies to help out.  It was a great time to catch up and an a great excuse to grab something deliciously fried together.  Maybe not a sweet time – but definitely savory.  The “responsibility” of spending time together with friends is something I can actually look forward to.  There is nothing wrong with hanging out a little longer, meeting up a little earlier … and it always sucks when you can’t meet up when you planned.  Friends are responsible for giving the honest and sometimes harsh truth, but are always there for comfort when the world seems to be the worst.  Come to think about it – some might think about the way I describe a friendship like the way someone might think about a lover.  But I think that it is the other way around.  A lover gets this type of attention when they’re thought of as a friend.  Relationships can seem confusing with categories like “friends with benefits” – but a person who is only there to satisfy physical needs is easily shown the door after everything is said and done.  Think of all the the hit it and quit it, toot it and boot it, and all the other one night stand euphemisms.  The quick exit is always first and foremost.  But if it’s a friend – even if that type of relationship does develop – wouldn’t you still want to “chill” after the Netflix.  Khalil Gibran, the writer of the quote in question, had the most intimate friend in American schoolteacher Mary Haskell.  Their correspondence contains such passion that no wonder their shared friendship became so significant to his creative process.  Their relationship was always “on” – there was no opportunity to do more or less, because whether it was confidante or supporter, Mary Haskell was there for Gibran … fulfilling the sweetest responsibility.


One comment

  1. alanj11 · June 14, 2016

    Smooth, thoughtful, sincere, real. Finding words for friendship are difficult at best, as a conncetion can be every bit as deep as with a lover.

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