Small Screen


Photo Credit:  Tracy Thomas

Let me get retro, let go of the present – drop back to the past

to the time when things were on tape.  Cue it up, maybe fast

forward, rewind – there we go.  Think of the shows …

A-Team, not Ed Sheeran, but Mr. T.  “V” meant blows

against rat eating aliens, not Viagra. Dallas and J.R.

made it cool to like the Cowboys.  Admiring a fast car

and hot legs on Daisy Dukes of Hazzard and everything

essential can be easily made by MacGuyver and a coil spring.

Get fashion advice from Miami Vice, tapping a jukebox

like the Fonz, being impressed by the way KITT talks.

You didn’t need a flat screen, just a pair of rabbit ears,

or if you’re lucky a black box.  Skip ahead tens of years –

and they’ll all get remade for the big screen,

Michael Bay’ed up like digital caffeine.



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